Community Bulletin

COVID-19 Pandemic – Shelter In Place; Residents Experiencing Hardship

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) declared a global pandemic due to coronavirus (COVID-19). We are operating under a “shelter in place” order. We hope that you and your family are safe and well. While subject to change, Real Community Properties, Inc will operate as follows until we receive further updates from our cities and state:

In order to keep exposure to a minimum, and to keep our employees and clients safe, our office will be closed to the public until further notice. We ask that Residents contact us by telephone at (707) 981-4727, by email, or by our website at We will not allow anyone into our office space. Residents are encouraged to mail or drop off their in their rent at the rent drop box located outside the main doors to the lobby. Our employees are still working to take care of Residents needs and are working from home. We are reaching out to every vendor to note their availability and schedule.

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust our community into unknown territory. We recognize this is a frightening time and that many in our community have faced both health and economic impacts. We are here to try to help.

The last thing anyone wants is to lose a safe place to call home. Unfortunately, there has been misinformation circulating online and in the media about what the current crisis means for those who rent their homes. Our hope is to eliminate any confusion.

If you have suffered a job loss or other substantial loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are unable to pay rent, we encourage you to notify us as soon as possible to discuss potential alternative payment arrangements that may be made to accommodate your situation. Please be aware that if you do not contact us to let us know that you have been affected by COVID-19, we will not know that you may need assistance during these unprecedented times.

If you are not currently facing a COVID-19 related hardship, please continue to pay rent as usual. As employers, we want to ensure we are able to continue to support the personnel and staff who work every day to provide essential services to all residents. We are all in this together, and if we work together, we can weather this storm.

It is our hope that in the coming weeks and months our elected leaders will take steps to provide financial assistance to mitigate the hardships faced by residents. We value all our residents and will support efforts by our leaders to help support members of our community during this pandemic.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (707) 981-4727.